Hinchinbrook Lodge

Hinchinbrook Island Wilderness Lodge is the perfect base to experience all that this pristine wilderness has to offer. Take a day cruise through the mangrove everglades or the outer Great Barrier Reef, go snorkelling, take a walk through virgin rainforest to isolated ocean beaches or fish the world renowned waters for the much sought after sport fish.

Or just lay back and choose the ideal spot overlooking the beautiful sandy beach for your hammock, capture the sunset, observe graceful herons, cruising sea turtles or maybe catch a glimpse of the extraordinary dugong, or just watch as time goes by.

Step into your own private world. Don’t lift a finger, unless its to indicate which of the menu selections tempts you the most because, as you’d expect, the food is as unforgettable as the island.

Be warned, this is not the place to come if you are looking for one of those extreme full on holidays riding jetskis, paraflying, waterskiing and loud nightclubs. But if you want first class accommodation and service in a splendid tropical wilderness then you owe it to yourself to experience Hinchinbrook Island Wilderness Lodge.

Children are more than welcome, however, in keeping with the nature of the Lodge, there are no child minding facilities or scheduled kids activities. Let them enjoy all the natural activities with you … a truly enjoyable, relaxed educational experience!

Beautiful Display Cabinets

Beautiful Display Cabinets

Display cabinets are a wonderful way to display a variety of things. Used in homes and retail locations, they serve a large number of purposes. This may be the display of personal memorabilia, commercial sale items, trophies or anything that deserves to be preserved or exhibited.

These display cabinets are offered in a wide variety of styles and sizes. These include wall mounts, counter-height, tower, floor and other models. They are available in transitional, contemporary or traditional styles and are have a choice of metal and hardwood framing.

Some display cabinets are built with a pedestal underneath. This provides the perfect place for storage and is available with sliding or hinged doors and a lock, if desired. This is perfect for a business, such as a beauty salon, to store extra inventory.

Display cabinets with built-in LED lights are especially attractive. These lights beautifully display each item in the cabinet, bringing out their special features.

An attractive display cabinet on the market is a model which fits conveniently into a corner. This cabinet is perfect for homes, museums, offices and other locations that are looking for a location to display items that takes up a minimum of space. This type of display cabinet is available in various woods with built-in highlights, tempered glass and quality locks.

For people who want to preserve floor space, a wall mounted display cabinet with adjustable shelves and LED lights is an excellent choice. With four glass tempered shelves, items displayed are attractively presented, with accent lighting, for all to see.

It is important, when purchasing a display cabinet, that you make sure it has tempered glass. Tempered glass is especially treated to break into round balls rather than sharp pieces. This will prevent physical injury to anyone standing nearby.

Today’s display cabinet market offers a wide variety of sizes, types, materials and finishes from which to choose. This makes it easy to select one that will fit in perfectly with any type of room.